Outlander: Sam Heughan Closes the Social Distance with Twitter Q&A

Just what we needed right now – Sam Heughan chatted with fans on Twitter before tonight’s episode! (see a Monday morning addition at the end!) Here’s the entire Q&A:

Q where are you spending the confinement? And where would you like to spend it?

A Thanks for asking, I’m in Hawaii. Came here before travel ban. Rather concerned to return to UK. Certainly safer here for now. Hope you’re safe and your family too!x

A I believe you may have enjoyed this a little too much…!?


Q How long did it take for you to practice the Highland Fling?
A The wonderful @ginger_jasper taught me in two sessions… she’s very talented. It’s harder than it looks, especially if @caitrionambalfe is watching!

Q Hope you and your beloved ones are all safe and healthy! You guys at Outlander never explained about the shadow outside Claire’s window at season one episode one. I ‘m sure it was Jamie. But how he was there?
A You’ll have to keep watching and hope @Writer_DG reveals all….

Q What is the workout you loathe the most? There has to be at least one, right? Mine are burpees. But I still do them. And I don’t die.
A Have you been trying the @MyPeakChallenge? I did today. Finished on burpees… they SUCK! Thanks Valbo!

Q what has been your best coping mechanism during social distancing?
A 90 Day Fiancé has been a guilty pleasure…. and 7 Days Out. Great docus


Q have you read S6 scripts yet?
A We have started… Ep 1!!! So excited. But you’re going to love the rest of this season.

Q Do you have a selfie with David to share with us?
A Berry and the Gang!

Q I just saw Bloodshot, loved it! Are there any more movies in the works in the future?
A Thanks! Glad you liked it! It’s available online from 24th. I introduced an Outlander tradition to the cast…

Q My husband and I were set to leave for Scotland on April 10 to see your beautiful homeland. For obvious reasons, the trip is postponed. Tho, I will be sampling your whisky when it arrives! How are sales of The Sassenach going so far? Is it everything you thought it would be?
A I hope you enjoy it. We revelry won some top awards. I’m so proud. I put so much work into it. It’s a part of my heart.

Q Sam, who taught you how to cook?
A My mum. She was a great cook. Always organic and healthy. I spoke to her today. It’s Mother’s Day. I can’t go home and see her as she’s older and could be dangerous. However she’s happy and staying healthy. And still cooking!x

Q You said that you and Caitríona received your producer credits later in the season so your influence isn’t evident until later. Since we’re halfway through, I’m wondering what episode you both started having that influence
A Most collaboration in last Ep. But we were involved from beginning in a way. Next weeks Ep is a big one for me (Jamie)

Q do you think there is anything in common between Jamie Fraser and Jimmy Dalton?
A Nope!

Q Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter?
A @Schwarzenegger.

Q Which of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s animals is your favorite? Whiskey or Lulu?
A I LOVE THEM! Whisky AND Lulu.

Q would you like to host Saturday Night Live??
A Love SNL! And Jimmy Kimmel Live

Q Fersali or Murcasta?
A Ooooooh good question! Dang. MURCASTA?! #everyoneNeedsAMurtagh

Q Actor/actress (dead or alive) you would get star stuck over
A I played Paul Newman recently in a movie and he would have been so cool to meet. A legend, philanthropist and great actor.

Q If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A I love omelettes. Eggs are so versatile… with ketchup!!

Q So I asked Caitriona this the other day would love your opinion too. Which ep of any season would you like to go back and direct yourself, if you could?
A Oh wow! Hmm I’d love to direct on the show. Though can you imagine @caitrionambalfe doing what I ask? Haha. It’s be so fun!

Q the last movie you saw?
A I saw Bombshell. Loved Charlize Theron in this

Q Do you practice the Flow Yoga in this years MPC?
A I’d done a session. Do you love it? So good. Coach Melissa is wonderful!

Q Does Jamie celebrate his 50th Birthday in episode 507?
A Maybe this season…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMMF!x

Q in all this seasons of Outlander what’s the most challenging scene to film with @caitrionambalfe ?? And which one is your favorite?
A End season 1. Terrifying. I would do it now. Favourite was probably fireside scene with Cait, season one


Q how are you feeling with Outlander close to an end? Any plans what you are going to do next?
A I hope we continue for years. There have been discussions. Just hope you all keep watching!x

Q how are you going to celebrate your birthday?
A I had planned a small gathering. But maybe we do something online? How about a QnA! And Dram with Sam?

Q If Jamie lived in 2020 and had social media what kind of pictures do you think we would see on his instagram?
A Prob like this

Q We’ve seen the audition tape of you & Cait. Ron, Maril & Matt have all said that when they saw your solo audition tape they knew they had found Jamie. Ron said they couldn’t release the tape without your permission. Will you give an okay to release it?
A Would love to! If I can see it first

Q What area or landmark of scotland do you think one should absolutely visit?
A Edinburgh is magic. The mountains. Loch Ness and any of the islands!

Q what’s your worst short-coming?
A Pride myself on patience… then other times I’m not! Like with WIFI connections!

Q Apparently so! My Twitter feed was stalled for a long while! Those dreaded words “Tweets aren’t loading” is especially frustrating when you have questions to ask!
A Think we broke twitter

Q I think all the Heughligans crashed twitter.
A Think my phone literally blew up!!


Q what’s a good pairing with the Sassenach Whisky?
A Chocolate! Haggis. Or just on its own!

Q Favorite episode of Season 5 and why?????
A Ep7… for me, I had an influence in the storyline. Plus got to work with all my friends and the wonderful Duncan LaCroix


Q What colors should I use in a friendship bracelet that I’ll be giving to you if I ever meet you again?
A Blue white and…

Q if your acting career had not worked out what other profession would you have chosen?
A Chef. Athlete. Barman. Ninja

Q Jamie or Sam which is the most bossy? poor Rogiii
A JAMIE! For sure…. haha


Q I’m visiting Scotland Flag of Scotland  in the Summer… Can you share any Scottish tip against midges?
A They’re horrible wee beasties. There’s a product called Smidge. It’s good. Stay away from water. And run if you see them comiiiiiiing!!!!

Q when will your whiskey be available in France?
A Europe soon. Once the world heals.

Q What is it with Jamie and those ‘wee invisible beasties’ (bacteria)?? Hahahahahahahaha
A He doesnae trust the wee beasties


Q Favorite cake flavor or type of cake??
A Carrot… chocolate?

Q What’s the first thing you’ll do once social distancing/quarantine is over?
A Go see my family and friends.

Q You are an actor and now also a producer… Can you see yourself writing any scripts too?
A Producing a few projects and am writing something right now!

Q Other states for your whiskey in the US?
A Check out sassenachspirits.com. More states available.


Q Thank you for breaking up the monotony of #stayinghome with this Twitter chat. Will you do another one sometime? I appreciate your time.
A Yes! I’ll do an Instagram chat after next Sunday. So you can all see the Ep first.


A I’m actually thinking of giving an Adso a home…

Q when can we see SAS Red Notice?
A It’s finished!!! They’re selling it now. Hopefully soon!

Q would you give me night night?
A NIGHT!!! I’ll do another 5 min. As my phone blew up. Let’s do an Instagram after next ep!


Q What is your favorite set of standing stones you’ve visited?
A The ones on Lewis

Q Have you started training for the NY marathon?
A I have but let’s see what happens. Trying to stay active but careful too.

Q Do you have a tic tok because I’m just wondering if I’m talking to the real you on it sorry
A Afraid not yet….

Q can you share any picture with @SkeltonSophie from bts? we miss you too
A I have so many! Haha they won’t load…

Q I hope you are safe, kisses from Spain
A THANK YOU!! And I hope ALL of you are safe! Really appreciate all the love and support. Sending much to you all. Stay safe.xx


Q (Caitriona) Who’s your favorite co-star?

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