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Outlander: Caitriona Answers 26 Fan Questions on Twitter!

Q How did you learn to draw?
A First question !!! As you will see from the results later it’s been a long time since I drew. I did art in high school but haven’t done since. This was a steep learning curve and I think I aimed a little too high (26 is a lot) but it was fun and for a good cause.

Q what’s your favorite and least favorite household chore to do?
A 2. Least favourite has to be washing floors … or laundry ..?? Fav (but still not a fan ) vacuuming.

Q have you ever thought to start writing during this lockdown period?
A 3. Yes… doing a little bit finding it hard to be inspired some days …

Q Are you tired of cooking yet?
A 4. More tired of cooking than I am of eating!!!! Going to bake some stuff later!!!

Q How much fun did you and Sophie have on that beach? And, were the whales CGI?
A 5. Definitely CGI whales … and it was a lot of fun but very cold!!!

Q which one of the challenges do you enjoy the most?
A 6. The drawing has been the most fun if I didn’t have so many to get done … aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Q Whats your favorite song at the moment?
A 7. The Real God Colony

Q Are all your loved ones okay during all this?
A 8. Yes everyone is good. Thank you! Hope yours are too

Q any crazy dancing out of boredom?
A 9. Always crazy dancing !!!

Q what is your favourite saying/quote ? Mine is “live your dreams, dont dream your life” i have it tattooed!
A 10. In the words of Elizabeth Taylor ,”pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” (I find myself saying that to myself a lot!!)

Q Do you like pineapple on your pizza?
A 11. I mean it wouldn’t be my first choice … but I’ve rarely been known to say no to any pizza …

Q Have you thought on learning more BSL (British Sign Language)?
A 12. I was watching lots of videos yesterday and today and I’d love to learn more


Q Can you screenshot the playlist you were listening to while running?
A 13. I will post 26 of my running tuuuunes !!!

Q Of all the places you lived in, what was your favorite, and why?
A 14. Each have been so special at different points in my life … they’re like my children .. I love them equally for different reasons !!!

Q is there anything you are planning to do as soon as quarantine is over? i want to go visit my parents Pensive face

A 15. I am dreaming of swimming in the ocean

Q Hi! from Flag of Japan
A 16. Hi !!!! Konnichi wa

Q How wrecked are we going to be after the finale.?
A 17. I feel it ends on a hopeful note so I hope not too wrecked

Q how adorable / challenging was it to shoot with so many kids this season? your BTS photos with Jemmy are so cute!
A 18. They were adorable but not going to lie it is challenging !!!

Q favorite fruit?
A 19. Blueberries (note: she seems to have double numbered…)

Q Have you played board games during quarantine to pass the time? If so, which?
A 19. Does words with friends count ???

Q Favorite thing you’ve cooked or baked in quarantine? Recipe?
A 20. I made a mean Chipotle chicken. It was a made up thang so no recipe. But it was delish!

Q Have you found yourself online binge shopping during this quarantine?
A 21. No clothes … where would I wear them??? But lots of books and some kitchen stuff!

Q any tips for my boredom?!?
A 22. Activate that imagination

Q How do you feel after doing all your challenges? #AskCait So proud of you
A Right now I’m tired after my run!!!

Q Favorite coffee?
A 24. Just plain black. Strong and hot!

Q When you said on Friday’s insta live that you ate cake for breakfast, what kind of cake was it? And was it good?
A 25. (I think ) It was the carrot cake I made … and it was delish … which is why I had it for breakfast … and dinner !!!



Oh wait I did throw some chopped chocolate in there … cause you know … why not!!!

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