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Outlander: Caitriona Spends Her Evening Answering Qs on Twitter!

Q what have you been most “productive” with during quarantine??
A Eating …. I have most productively been stuffing my face

Q first thing first: how are you today? for real, how are you dealing with everything that is going on?
A For real: I was having a few very low days … so today I went for a really long walk with some very loud music and it made me feel better. But yeah … lots of ups and downs during this time.

Q So I just binged Tiger King and OMG!!  Face screaming in fear What other shows have you been watching to keep entertained during quarantine?
A Just watched a great Scottish show called The Nest …. set in Glasgow and amazing acting by all the leads. I think it’s a BBC show. (Some Outlander peeps in there too )

Q tavra, claire and mollie, are they similar in any way? (Tavra is Caitriona’s character in Dark Crystal, and Mollie is her character in Ford Vs. Ferrari)
A I think they are all pretty feisty ….

Q Did you find it challenging to give voice to a character in an animated series? Have you ever done it before or was it in your wish list of things to do?
A It was so fun. It’s quite different to TV acting … I’m usually quite scared of being too BIG and too animated. I prefer more realism and naturalism in acting so it was challenging in the beginning to push myself to be more animated. But I loved it.

Q I am dying to know what’s your fave Disney Princess
A Snow White

Q did you get to meet your mom, I mean, Helena Bonham, while dubbing Tavra??
A No…. I didn’t meet anyone. They had press in London last summer for the launch but I was shooting Outlander and couldn’t get the days off.

Q Did you try any of the mung beans recipes we sent you ?
A Haha. Some. Still a looooong way to go to finish them!!

Q What’s your biggest pet peeve? What’s your annoying habit?
A My most annoying habit .. to me … is that I procrastinate all the bloody time. You’ll have to ask someone else what my most annoying habit is to them. Biggest pet peeve … rudeness

Q movies or tv shows?
A To be in or watch? Both and both actually would be the answer. !

Q I’m bored. Can you give me a random number 1-5 and then 1-13 so i can pick a random Outlander ep to watch?
A 3 , 10

Q Was there any scene in particular that you found challenging to shoot this season?
A Stable scene in Ep 6 …

Q What’s the funniest book you have read?
A I have a terrible memory and can’t remember but right now ready Nora Ephron and she’s pretty funny.

Q What movie to cheer you up during quarantine would you recommend ?
A Anchor Man was on the other day and it’s brilliantly silly and funny.

Q What was your favorite scene to shoot with @MrStevenCree? Who laughed the most?
A The one where Claire (Captain obvious) told him he hadn’t got a leg. I couldn’t get through it without laughing. Or the one with the stuffed cabbage. Or … look any scene with Steven Cree is ridiculous for a whole host of reasons.
A (Steven) There was a brilliant deleted scene where I took off my wooden leg and used it as a rolling pin before putting Jamie over my knee and giving him a good spanking whilst whistling the Skye Boat Song. It was deemed too unrealistic though.

Q favorite book ever ??
A A Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion.

Q What is your current favorite song?
A The Real – God Colony

Q Hello from stormy Florida @caitrionambalfe! Whisky (whiskey) Tumbler glass  or wine Wine glass?
A Yes

Q Hi Caitriona, do you have sports interests? if so, which ones?
A Love watching sports. Tennis, Rugby Athletics. As for playing … now mostly just do Yoga or running sometimes…

Q what’s your daily skincare routine?
A Wash face always ..!! NYDG do a great oatmeal foaming wash which I love. I use Bioeffect EGF serum and then either Lucern moisturiser or NYDG 119 moisturiser … and sunscreen … x

Q don’t you think we need more Jamie and Bree scenes this season?
A I think we need more Bree and both her parents!!!

Q what’s something new you’ve learned to do recently
A I learned how to assemble a lounge chair for the garden. But I put the legs on the wrong way … so maybe I haven’t learned how to ..

Q do you put make up on everyday or have you sort of decided to not bother with it lately? i’ve been trying to look put together but not too much
A Once!!!! The other day to go for a walk. Even put lippy on but then put on a mask, so completely pointless

Q Have you read S6 scripts beyond the first?
A I’ve read drafts of Ep 1 and 2

Q Do you use real bookmarks or more like anything you can find ?
A I’m a page folder 🤦🏻‍♀️

Q how did you feel during your first Outlander casting ?
A Nervous and sweaty and couldn’t remember a thing. Which is usually a good sign


A With GREAT difficulty!!! And they used it in The Nest a show I watched the other night and it brought it all back. Lots of ropes and men on harnesses I remember.

Q will filming for #Outlander   season 6 be effected by the lockdown?
A Of course. I think everything in the whole world is affected.

Q How is sweet Eddie?
A She is okay. She has good days and bad. Today she was in great form.

Q From my 12 year old daughter Chloe: I want to be an actress when I’m older. I’m taking drama class at school next year. Do you have any advice for me?
A Yes… enjoy it and read lots of plays and always remember it’s fun and play. Don’t be in a rush to work … cause there is plenty of time for that. I’d enjoy my time learning the craft first.

Q are you exercising regularly on this quarantine?
A Ish …. everything is -ish at the moment

Q what has been the most emotional scene to film this season?
A The Murtagh scenes and some in Ep 12

Q where are you right now?
A On my sofa

Q what is your favorite perfume? do you change often or do you usually use the same fragrance?
A I have lots and I like to switch it up. Depending on mood. And I also like to choose a scent for each character … Claire has one for the 40’s and 60’s and Mollie had one.

Q what has been on the menu lately?
A I made soup yesterday which I finished today (as in I made so much we were eating it for two days) and then I made banana bread today.

Q how do you get motivated? especially when we’re emotionally drained? do you have any tips?
A Honestly sometimes I don’t. I am realising that I work best with a schedule. That’s been determined by someone else. I find it very hard to self motivate. But coffee is what’s getting me out of bed. And then I set myself a task and a treat for when it’s done.

Q Any chance you’ll direct next season
A Don’t think I’ll be let

Q my girlfriend Joanne and I are huge fans of Outlander especially you and Jamie lol Can you sent Joanne a positive message as she’s feeling down at the moment due to cv.
A Hey Joanne …. Hope you’re doing okay… I know it’s tough right now but things will get better xxx

Q What was your favorite quote from On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous?! Can’t wait for discussions!
A So many… I love his writing so much. We can discuss soon on BookClub Live

Q have you finished On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous already?
A I read it in two days. So gooood

Q can u recommend me a good movie or book for the quarantine?
A Zero Zero Zero and Unorthodox are the next two on my list. But tonight going to watch Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Q Do you miss Ireland?
A Yes. Missing all my family there now too

Q what is the most funniest scene with Duncan?
A Probably the first. When he had to knock me out. And almost did in real life too. He’s the BeST.

Q I loved the behind the scenes videos and photos you shared of you and Sam! Do you have anymore you could share?
A Might have ….

Q What is the geekiest thing about you?
A One of my favourite books is about the history of the CIA. Pretttty geeky
Q What’s the title?
A Legacy of Ashes.

Q Were you very academic in school?
A A mix of quite academic but also got in trouble ALL the time. Waaay too chatty and didn’t like rules … go figure

Q do you think Faith and Bree would have gotten on as sisters?
A Of course.

Q did you have to “learn” to like whiskey or did you have a natural taste for it?
A I am Irish. We invented it. Not sure if that’s true but I’m sticking with it.

Q The S5 finale will air in Europe on my birthday!  Face screaming in fear  Am I going to cry on my birthday? Should I ask for tissues as a bday gift?
A Maybe …. sorry … and happy early birthday x

Q what movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?
A Hey .. I’m walking here …

Q Is there a food you dislike that most people love?
A I hate turnips. Which is fine cause most people don’t eat them. But everyone in Scotland loves ‘neeps’ as they call them.Face vomitingFace vomitingFace vomiting

Q What’s the first thing you will do once the lockdown is lifted and you get to see your castmates again?
A Get verra verra druuuuuuuuunk

Q Well then my roommate and I have been making a “cocktail of the week” that we make and drink all week long… (this week was coconut mojitos) What cocktail should we make next week?
A Spicy margaritas….

Q Loved the Marilyn Monroe quality to Jamie’s Happy Birthday song. Did you guys film that in a real tent outside or on the sound stage?
A I think it was in a real tent on location.

Q Are you able to do anything at all for season 6? Are the writers writing or breaking the stories into episodes? Just wondered if there’s any prep for you and the other main actors to do.
A The writers are still at work.

Q Would you ever be interested in doing theatre in the near future?
A I would love to do theatre. I hope once this is all over the theatres will still survive.


Q it was a long time ago, but what was your favorite part of filming in South Africa? Lots of love from Cape Town!
A The weather… The Food… The People …. The Wine. All of it. Sooooo good. The landscape. I miss it!

Q what’s a country you haven’t been to that you’d like to! Hello from Chile!
A Mongolia


Q Comment s’est passé ton expérience sur le tournage du film “Le Mans 66”? (How was your experience working on Ford vs. Ferrari?)
A Super … j’adore travaille sur c’est film! (Super…. I loved working on that film!)

Q Can we get the OL cast on a special edition of The Great British Bake off @caitrionambalfe? They did it for Derry Girls!
A I’m in!

Q what’s a trait you share with your mom?
A We both give good hugs


Q first place you would like to travel when this is all over
A Greece is calling me. I’ve never been

Q Have you ever made a Tik Tok video with your cast mates?
A A what???

Q i work at a bilingual preschool and want to teach the kiddos a new song in english! What was your fac kids song as a child?
A Weirdly our teacher taught us Rainy Days and Monday’s Always Get me Down by the Carpenters when I was about 8…. slightly depressing for kids!!! Ha. I’d go with Happy by Pharell

Q what is your spirit animal?
A Bear face  I was a bear in a dream once and it felt right …

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