Outlander: Matt Roberts Answers Qs on a Quiet Sunday

Matt Roberts took some time this afternoon to answer fan questions:

Since a new #Outlander episode is next week, I’m going to do a fast and furious Q&A session right now!

Q Has the pause button been hit on the Official Outlander Podcasts? Was looking for episode 507…
A Yes, the Podcasts were put on pause, but we will eventually get them out… thanks for your patience.

Q Are you home here in the States or in Scotland?
A Safe at home in California.

Q Do you get to try some of the fun things the actors do, i.e., shooting, butchering, sword fighting etc? If so, which was your favorite?
A Well, it’s always fun to hang out in the armory with Jim and learn a new skill.

Q Favorite episode ever
A Like asking if you have a favorite child.

Q Will 512 end on a cliffhanger????
A Ep512 will end on a…

Q Best part of your job?
A Of course, it’s interacting with the #Outlanderfans

Q Do you bake?
A Yes.

Q what’s your favorite thing to bake?
A Brownies.

Q Has the writing continued for Season6 or are you all on break now?
A The writers are working hard on S6

Q How far in advance do you set filming locations?
A It’s different for every location. Some, like The Big House, we secure up to a year in advance, other locations we can scout while prepping for the Block.

Q Loved your continuing Duncan Lacroix’s Murtagh story line. Will miss him. Any more Murtagh flashbacks?
A Never say never…

Q Have you had a chance to visit NC’s battlegrounds in person, like Alamance and Moore’s Creek Bridge?
A I have… I drove through the state between S3 and S4

Q Who’s surprised you as an actor from new OL cast?
A Adso really impressed. The milk lapping scene is truly Emmy worthy.

Q Do you have any favorite memories from the set?
A I have way too many amazing memories to list.

Q No question….just Thank You.
A You are welcome.

Q I’m loving S5 thus far (except the death of Ghoistidh [Murtagh].) I’m seeing lots of Q’s but no A’s. How does this Q & A thing work?
A Well, you ask a question I can answer without giving away spoilers or information I either don’t have or cannot reveal

Q Was that, or was it SUPPOSED TO BE, Knox’s coat that Tryon gave Jamie? Michael is one of the few actors of Sam’s size, some thing people commented on as soon as he appeared, and it had the same white right shoulder. Just wondering.
A No

Q Which character Do you identify with most?
A At the moment, the White Sow

Q What was the biggest challenge you had in the first half of the season?
A It’s always challenging to fit the story into the episodes we have…

Q Is there one thing in particular you’re looking forward to fans seeing in Season 6?
A There’s a lot of exciting things planned for S6.

Q What’s your favourite location this season?
A my couch

Q How long does it take to prepare an episode?
A We prep production for 5-6 weeks before filming

Q What’s your favorite thing about being on Outlander?
A I get a hat every season

Q Do you keep in touch with the cast and crew?
A Not physically #SocialDistancing

Q What is keeping you occupied during quarantine? Reading?Movies/series?
A I am one of the lucky folks that can work (write and edit) from home

Q I’ve read the scripts and in some of them there are appendixes. Were the scenes cut for time or filmed as Extras/Outlander Untold for the DVD/BluRay?
A Appendixes are usually additional information/dialogue for a given scene that’s never intended to make the final cut.

Q You can read the scripts?! Where can I find that?
A You can scroll through the menu for more episodes starz.com/us/en/series/2

A it’s a challenge


Q When do talks start for renewal of outlander-is it too early yet?
A Never too early to talk about more #outlander

Q On a scale of 1 to 10, how much Loudly crying face Broken heart Loudly crying face Broken heart  is 508 gonna be?
A Some of you may shed a few tears

Q Your favourite Scottish Outlander film location please
A Scotland is where dreams go to dream

Q Even though you already have seen the episodes, do you watch every week like the rest of us?
A I try to… but by the time an episode airs I’ve already seen it about 20+ times.

Q Yeah, except the questions I have, you wouldn’t answer!
A Wouldn’t, or can’t?

Q Why the gap week?
A Mentally backpacking through Europe to find myself Winking face


Q Do wear a mask at home too? Or are you hiding your face from us?
A The eyes are the window to the soul Winking face

(Matt apparently deleted a picture of himself.)

Q I always thought Matt had brown eyes?
A Grazel.

Q Grazel means?
A Hazel with gray.

Thanks for all the questions, I’ll try to go back and answer a few more… have a good Sunday and #StayHome #StaySafe

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