Outlander Trading Cards – S4 Info, New Wardrobe Cards Revealed, Contest

Outlander trading card collectors, get ready for Season 4 cards! In the past week and a half, card publisher Cryptozoic has released quite a bit of new information, some of it exclusive to threeifbyspace. I’ve compiled all the info we know about the S4 cards here! If you haven’t yet preordered your products, or want to add to your order, you can buy them here in our shop.

Last Friday, Cryptozoic did a two-day video “con” highlighting many of their products. One of the panels was Dustin Porras, associate product manager for the cards, talking about the release, and showing some wardrobe cards. You can see all of those cards and more, below. Also last week, Dustin was our guest on the Outlander Gab on the Air, talking about the card release and providing some exclusive info. Immediately following the Cryptozoic presentation, two double wardrobe cards went on sale – and were very quickly sold out! Highlights from both talks:

  • Because of con cancellations this year, additional cards scheduled for convention release will be sold online in coming weeks.
  • Two promo cards, P5 and P6, were included with the wardrobe cards that sold out. Those cards, as well as a few others, will be available, for a total of 9 promo cards. Dustin feels that this is a manageable number of promos – they fit nicely in one binder page. Look to the end of this article for a giveaway of those two cards!
  • No specific release date has been set. Cryptozoic has been giving a release date of second quarter (April-June), and it’s still very possible that they will meet that time frame.
  • Wardrobe cards will include a never-before-seen quadruple card – see the image below! Dustin believes that these are the most beautiful wardrobe cards the company has produced, given the fabric provided by Starz – notably this year, fabric from Maria Doyle Kennedy’s costumes.

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  • There will be 2-3 parallel sets (variant sets of all base and chase cards – previous sets have had foil stamps, holographic cards, and canvas-feel cards as parallels). This year’s set will not include the holographic “rainbow” cards from season 2, but the canvas-feel cards from season 3 were well-received, so that may yet be a possibility. There will not be Star Power cards this season, like other releases have included.
  • Chase sets will include a 9-card puzzle, a Fraser’s Ridge set, Father/Daughter set, and a Character set.

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  • Each box will include a 25th pack that will contain one full suit (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs) of a fully playable deck of playing cards. Plans are being made for a way to include jokers into the set, and possibly some extra playing cards, but nothing is yet finalized. These are printed on the same kind of material that regular (Bicycle brand) cards are on, so they will hold up if you actually play with them.

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  • Anticipating interest in the playing cards, Cryptozoic is looking at the possibility of releasing the deck as a separate purchase, maybe several months after the card release. This could include a collectible storage box, and may have different graphics on the cards. However, nothing is decided yet. But wouldn’t these be great Christmas gifts for the Outlander fans in your life??
  • Three autograph signers have been announced so far – Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Ed Speleers. Other signers will be announced as their cards are returned to Cryptozoic. No total number has been given. (In at least 2 previous incidents, Outlander stars signed cards, but they didn’t make it into the season’s set – Stephen Walters signed S1 cards, but they were delivered late, put away, and only recently rediscovered. They were sold as a “convention exclusive” last year. And Tim McInnerny – Father Bain – signed cards that were lost in the mail, purchased in a lost mail lot, and sold by a private party. Cryptozoic has never acknowledged that these were officially signed cards.)
  • The Binder will have a Claire wardrobe card (shown above). I asked Dustin on the radio show if it was possible to include a checklist with the binder, and he said that’s definitely something they could look at doing. I also asked if there was any way that the binder could have a pocket (to hold said checklist, trade list, etc), and he said he would mention it to his team.
  • Non-Outlander card news: Cryptozoic is planning a Middle Earth CZX set (Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit), and a Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow) CZX set.

Dustin was our guest on the Outlander Gab on the Air last Tuesday. You can listen to that entire broadcast here. (The interview starts at about 35:00.)

Here’s that half-hour Cryptozoic panel:

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