Parasomnia: A Beautiful, Twisted Tale


*potential spoilers ahead* Thinking about dreams always opens up more questions than answers and Parasomnia does a great job exploring the “what if” of dreams. We float between two worlds in this story, one of modern day and one of fantasy and lore. Jerks attack an older man under a bridge and here we begin the journey. We find ourselves in a fantasy world when he passes out. From what I gather, the man under the bridge is the “Phantom” in this fantasy land.

This story already intrigues me. It does a great job of just putting you in the middle of everything, with very little explanation as to what is going on. I really love stories like that because it makes me want to consume more. There is a sense of urgency to this book too. You want to know what happened to this boy the Phantom is searching for. Was he taken? Who took him? I have so many questions!


Image courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

Two Worlds

Parasomnia shifts back and forth between the two worlds masterfully. Andrea Mutti’s art and colors are beautiful. The colors alone tell a story. The darker muted greys are used in moments of intensity and sadness. The red really highlights the “Phantom” and the action. It’s an absolutely beautiful book. Simon Bowland’s lettering fits the story so well and adds to the beauty of the pages. Cullen Bunn is, as always, a wonderful story teller. I want to know more about this fantasy world. Does the Phantom sleep when the older man is awake? How did he get to this other world? I have so many questions and I can’t wait to read more. Parasomnia is definitely one for lovers of mystery and fantasy to check out. I think going forward it is going to be filled with action, mystery, and intrigue!

Check out Parasomnia here!

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