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Garden In! A Cozy Gardening Game For Everyone

By: Bri
Garden In!

On Thursday January 26th Italian developer Dramatic Iceberg and Finnish publisher Bonus Stage Publishing released their newest game called Garden In! This cozy game features different plants and settings that allow for a relaxing experience for anyone who needs a break from their busy hectic days.

I was lucky enough to receive early access and play the game for myself to give a review of my thoughts!

A Zen Experience

Garden In! is a pretty neat experience. The basic idea of the game is that you garden, it’s really that simple. The first level is a small room with some furniture, and you can customize your space however you want. There are different backgrounds and settings that you get as you progress through your green thumb stages. This customization adds a nice level of enjoyment to the game. The game starts you with a bit of a tutorial that teaches you how to plant and how to work everything.

Second unlockable room in Garden In!

The game works in real-time, which was something that is a bit difficult to get used to, but that’s where the zen and patience come in handy. There is the option to speed up time, but that has a cool-down limit so players can’t speed through everything. Each plant has different grow times and stages it goes through. If you space out your planting a bit then it really can work to your advantage. The plants require water, obviously, so this becomes part of your routine. There are also pests that will show up and you have to spray them in order to maintain your plants.

As you progress you unlock more rooms and more space to grow and more variety of plants! Another cool thing is the double-potted plant option, which gives players the ability to experiment with different plants to see which ones get along and make a hybrid seed. That was something I had a lot of fun experimenting with!

Patience Is Key

This game is definitely not for someone who becomes impatient easily. Garden In! works in real-time, with plants often taking about an hour to progress through the stages. You also have to keep a keen eye on your plants because they need water pretty quickly. I logged off for about an hour and came back to complete havoc being wrecked on my plants! The nice thing is that even if they become dehydrated, they do not die and once you water them they progress to the next stage in their life. While you’re waiting for your plants to grow, you can play around with the room you’re in! I had a bit of fun trying to see how many ramen bowls I could stack and how much I could build on the outer perimeters of the playable area. Here are my results:

Garden In! room with a stack of Ramen bowlsExperimenting in Garden In!

I have to admit that doing this made me giggle a lot, while I know this probably isn’t what the developers had in mind regal it brought me a lot of joy.

Overall Garden In! Experience

I definitely enjoyed my time in this game. It’s something that can be launched while you have a few minutes to yourself in between tasks and it can also be a game that you spend a lot of time experimenting and customizing. If you like cozy games like this, you really can’t go wrong.

Garden In! is only $10 and right now they’re offering 10% off until February 1st, so if this game sounds like you here is where you can buy it!

Does this game sound up your alley? Let us know in the comments below!
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