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Outlander Poetry Contest – Here are the Poems!

One of the big reasons we all love Outlander, I think, is the beauty of Diana’s language. And over the years, I’ve found that many fans also have a gift for beautiful poetry (and prose!), so I’ve held poetry contests here on this site to expose the fandom to some of these wonderful writers. I ran the latest contest last month, and had a very small number of submissions – great poems, all of them, but unfortunately, everyone else seems to be shy. So – I’m awarding a prize to each of the four writers, and here the five (Maggie sent two) poems. Enjoy them!

Category 1: New Character

Hay and Molasses
by Maggie Jenkins

Ye’d nagged and screamed and tantrum’d
Ye always got yer way,
They brought ye tae the stables,
Tae bide there fer the day,

A little lad in britches,
Barely out of clouts,
Brought tae see the horses.
Ye turned ma world about.

 I taught ye all the horses names,
Then we made the mash,
I told ye NO, ye listened,
With out a great strammash,

Ye played with hay and harness,
Ye helped me with the feed,
Sticky with molasses,
Ye made a mess indeed,

Riding on my shoulders,
That day ye had such fun,
My heart leapt when a farmer
Mistook ye fer ma son.

I’d treasure every moment.
That time ye spent with me.
Wishing I could keep ye there.
But that could never be,

Remembered too another bairn.
Lost in another time,
Pray them safe, she and the child,
That cannae be a crime.

 The stable clock is chiming,
It says ‘tis half past three,
Best I take ye to the house,
Time for yer lordship’s tea!

Category 2: What Outlander Means to Me

Droughtlander: A Lass’ Lament
by Nancy Hibberd

Outlander is the best lover you’ve ever known
Who comes into your life for several intimate weeks
Saying those sweet things
Loving you like no other can.
Outlander will give you the erotica you crave,
The kisses you adore
The heat, sweat and grit of good loving
The aching tenderness of a Gaelic poem
The highland winds will course through your hair
The munros will sear your vision with their craggy heights
The blood of ancient battles will sing in your veins,
Inspiring fealty and devotion
And then, Outlander disappears in the mist of a Lallybroch morning.
The ache, the emptiness
The mourning creeps like Adso’s cat feet.
Other shows come calling, I try to engage
But the throbbing drumbeat
Of the casualties of Culloden drown out other programs.
Where are my fine kilted warriors
My kisses in heather-rich fields
The fiery red hair and plush lips of my love.
I wail a high keening cry of loss
Rivalling the pipes in pitch and pathos.
Outlander, you’ve ruined me for other shows!
I feel like a forlorn, love-starved wench curled on my cot
Craving your whiskey-scented embrace.
A small, still voice commands me to be
As stoic as the standing stones
For it shall return with beauty
And more promises of dizzying delight
And passionate reunions.
I tearfully gather courage and vow to remain steady
Hand-fasted to the future
When Outlander will ignite my screen and set my heart afire.
Tulach Ard! Je Suis Prest!


by Maggie Jenkins

Secret guilty pleasure,
Inhabiting my dreams,
Eyebrow raised in question,
All is not quite how it seems,

Scottish burr as smooth as silk,
Melting down my back,
Raising hairs upon my neck,
Making me lose track,

Candid stare, sees through my soul,
Cerulean eyes,
Colour of the deepest sea,
And never ending skies,

Your smile, conveys a private thought
No matter who can see,
The message hid behind the smile,
Is meant only for me.

You leap out from the pages,
A literary force,
Invite me on your journey,
Two up on your horse.

I’m really getting comfy,
Wedged between your thighs,
That very sexy Scottish noise
Mixing with my sighs.

I’m jolted back to present day,
My thoughts become obscene,
It doesn’t pay to daydream
When the traffic lights turn green !!


by Barry Carter

I ran with the conquering
Flames of Jamie Fraser.
Scottish rivers sang
The names of an
Ancient clan, my
Celtic ancestry.
I have seen final light
Of day reflected on wings
Arrive in closing eyes of
Spring, my dreams have
Risen with Scotland’s
Drowning skies
Where I placed my
Hands on Celtic moons
And laid flowers before graves
Were present, experienced
The sounds ascent
Of wave against wave
In battle. My time traveling
Reflections appeared on
Lochs and rivers. I collected
Tears of war on a mirror, that
Wouldn’t dissolve.
Faces of casualties appeared
In the glass unable to resolve
Their status or gage the mass
Of water, tears could have
Been oceans.

Category 3: Jamie and/or Claire

Hangings, Babies, and Revolutions – oh my!
By Melissa Whitaker

We were left to wonder, left to gasp
Why Richard Brown was such an ass
He had it in for our amazing Claire
But he forgot about how Jamie would dare
Chase after the men who tried to harm her.

Thanks to Young Ian and his brave clan
Jamie was freed to fight another day.
He needs to set his rescue plan
In order to again his Sassenach lay,
Their timeless love ne’er to surrender.

The Revolution is on the front
How will Jamie handle William, his son
Each one their loyalties will hunt
Will they fight until it is done?
Lord John’s feelings will be more than tender.

Brianna and Roger Mac’s second will arrive
Denzel and Rachel are true friends to thee
As Ian finds love that may yet thrive
Unlike Graham and Geillis’s short destiny
As for Brian Fraser, it’s a long awaited splendor!

Thank you to all of our poets! 

*Images courtesy Starz; thank you Outlander-online.com for the use of their screenshots. 

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