‘Falling Skies’ Season 3 Casting News, Doug Jones Joins the Cast

Season 3 has just started filming in Vancouver but some casting news has been revealed. Actor and writer Doug Jones has joined the cast of Falling Skies for the 3rd season as a cast regular.  Doug is a well known face in the acting community, playing such roles as Abe Sapien and the Angel of Death in Hellboy 2 and the Silver Surfer himself in Fantastic Four.

Jones has done a lot of work under heavy prosthetic in the past and it has left us wondering what role he will play in season 3. Its been one of the great achievements of Falling Skies that their skitters are mostly prosthetic and puppets and not CGI, leading to a more realistic feel on screen. While the overlords were motion capture, it appears they may be moving the new alien race that appeared at the end of season 2 to a prosthetic suit much like the skitters at the helm of Mr. Jones.

As mentioned yesterday, the working title for episode 301 “On Thin Ice” has left us with a lot of speculation on just how friendly these new aliens are. After having defeated the overlord who was said to be controlling the east coast military operations and its weapon, these new aliens drop from the sky much to everyone’s surprise. Its always been a reoccurring theme that there is a price to pay for fighting back. The new title suggests that perhaps our new visitors may not be as friendly as we had hoped.


Additional guest cast expected to return in season 3 include Matt Frewer, as General Bressler. Ty Olsson as Sgt. Clemmons and Terry O’Quinn as Arthur Manchester, though none of have been confirmed yet.


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