‘Falling Skies’ Season 3 Starts Production, Premiere Title Revealed

Season 2 just ended but the cast and crew of Falling Skies have already started production on season 3. The cast and crew haven’t been shy about sharing the fact that they are already rolling on season 3 and EP Remi Aubuchon has also shared some insight into a few new things we will see in season 3.

Top on that list is that horseback riding will be involved in season 3, something we have not seen in the first 2 seasons. It makes sense given the aliens have been learning to find their vehicles and transportation is becoming harder and harder, especially when they decided to leave Charleston.

Even more interesting is the reveal today of the title for the premiere episode of season 3. The title “On Thin Ice” leads us to believe the situation for the 2nd mass at the end of season 2, doesn’t go well and leads to more trouble for the 2nd mass. At the end of season 2, we left the 2nd mass having completed a mission to destroy an alien weapon that was pointed up at the sky.

After destroying it, a new species of alien descended on Charleston. It seemed like the alien smiled at Tom and in turn Tom relaxed. The question remains whether these are friends or enemies. Was the alien smiling because the humans helped them land, and now they can dominate the overlords and in turn humans? Or was the alien smiling because they are here to help?

Its safe to assume the 2nd mass isn’t safe and we don’t yet know how far these ‘worms’ go in controlling Hal or if these new aliens are able to control deharnessed kids like Ben.

Season 3 returns on TNT in 2013.

Checkout some cool Behind the Scenes photos of the start of production from Luciana Carro who plays Crazy Lee

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