A Browncoat for Life


I’m going to start by saying the wait we’ve put up with for ANY form of Serenity/Firefly action has been absolutely absurd and I know Browncoats everywhere agree with me.  With that being said, I’m superbly honored that I was given the chance to review “Leaves on the Wind”.  So, let’s begin!

The cover art is absolutely stunning. There are little hints of what’s to come, as well as an ode to the past with the sighting of the dinosaur toy on the dash-board.   We cut to a quick “Previously on…” description to give the audience a refresher of what happened (like we need it? Haha) and then dive right into our story.  A man is shown yelling about the planet Miranda and how it’s the latest hoax the Browncoat extremists have pulled and saying the Reavers had nothing to do with it (which , we all know, is a lie).  On the other side, a simple looking woman is stating how she believes that someone is trying to cover up something, though she didn’t plain out say “the alliance”.  The heated debate is broadcast throughout the universe.

As the story progresses, we find out that the Alliance and the Browncoats are searching for Mal and the crew of Serenity.  One of them even enlists the help of our good friend Jayne, but I’ll let you read the issue to find out which one it is!

When we finally catch up with our crew they are floating in the middle of absolutely no where.  The whole crew seems down, but life is brought in, in a literal sense, with the new arrival Emma.  Unfortunately, in true spirit, the birth brought along some bad news, Zoe needs to be taken to a hospital and Mal is forced to do something he’s been trying to avoid.  Mal must captain his shiny into sight, they have to face society.  This issue lived up to the story of Serenity, with all the right feels and little quirks that we know and love. This was definitely an issue worth the long wait! I can’t to see what’s in store next.

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