The Bloodier the Better

Bad Blood, a new twist on the “sparkling vampire” fad.



The story starts out by getting to know a bit about Trick, our main character. He was a football star who was hit with cancer before he could make it big.  His best friend Kyle is always by his side. The contrast between the two characters becomes apparent by the colors used on the pages. Kyle is bright and lively, with reds and yellows being used to paint him and Trick is gray and pale, the sickness within is captured very well.  Trick is struggling with his disease, and there is a lot of inner turmoil that is shown on his face throughout the pages.  Tyler Crook does a wonderful job portraying emotions without a single word on the page.  He is tired of fighting the disease, but Kyle won’t take that. He gives Trick a pep-talk and  the two characters part ways. “Enjoy getting killed” are the last words Trick says to his best friend.

Something attacks Trick.  A gruesome looking creature, adorned in an outfit that maybe a pope would wear (well, an anti-Christ pope I should say), appears, it’s mouth is full of fangs that drip with blood.  It goes in for the kill only to be burned with the poison cancer that fills Trick’s blood. The irony being that cancer actually saved Trick’s life, or at least prolonged it.  The creature takes off screaming about his blood being unclean.  After the encounter, Trick’s life seems to fall apart around him, the “vampire” killed Kyle and his other good friend.  No one he tells believes his story, vampires don’t exist! After much research, Trick is left with no choice but to seek answers from the underground world of vampire freaks.  Will he find the answers he needs? Stay tuned, readers!

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