Review: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Vol 11 English Edition

By: Robert Prentice
Food Wars Viz Media

Mimasaka copies his opponents’ dishes so perfectly and completely it’s uncanny. And he does it solely to win. But is that what cooking is really about? Hoping to find the answer, Soma bets his all as a chef! Who’s right and who’s wrong will be made clear when it comes time to judge the Fall Classic’s first semifinal round!

I continue to love the recipes they provide in each volume that you can go and cook yourself. It makes reading everything they do all the more real and fun when you can go and do the cooking yourself. After last volumes lead up to the Shokugeki, I found myself reading through this volume twice as fast.

SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA © 2012 by Yuto Tsukuda, Shun Saeki /SHUEISHA Inc.

Soma is shot down by Nakiri for his first attempt at this dish but that never stops Soma. After spending hours in silence taking in Nakiri’s comments to look for the answer to the dishes issue, Nikumi comes in with a delivery full of some of the best cuts of meat you can get. With just 2 days left, Soma kicks the reporter out as he continues to perfect his dish leading up to the day of the match.

Its time for the match and Mimasaka is as cocky and confident as ever. Soma pulls out the meat of choice and it turns out he picked Oxtail. And as you would expect Mimasaka came out with that as well, living up to his tradition of copying every other chef he has ever gone up against. Things heat up when each chooses different garnishes for their dishes, and all hope seems lost for Soma. However Soma pulls out a cooler full of many different cuts of meat, more meat then he already using and everyone is puzzled by what he is doing. Is he ad-libing this match?

The dishes are done and the judges get to taste their stews, the ending of the match leaves everyones jaws on the floor and leaves one devastated over losing. So whose dish won? What was the secret ingredient that made their dish so successful? Pickup your copy of Vol 11 today and find out! Remember Season 2 of Shokugeki no Soma Anime is coming, so we won’t have to wait too long for this to be shown on screen.


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