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2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Technologically Stylish Clothing For Dad

By: Robert Prentice
holiday gift guide SCOTTeVEST

It’s that time of year when you scramble to figure out what to get your friend or family member for the holidays. They are difficult when you want to get them something geeky that they might actually use. Our lists this year contain some popular trending items for the holiday and some off the wall interesting ones that might just be worth picking up. So without further delay, lets dive into our holiday gift guide for technologically stylish clothing.

Back to the Future has gotten a lot wrong over the years. However, the iconic ‘future clothing’ that was often seen left us cringing like a bad 80s hair style. However, with the few things the films got right, we have managed to progress our clothing a bit to fit with technology. And that is where SCOTTeVEST comes in.

Every family has one. The person who loves technology and has a ton of stuff to carry around but you won’t ever catch them with a man purse. Or they simply don’t want to lug around a backpack full of stuff. One of the biggest issues for them is how to carry around all their gadgets without looking, well, dorky. Or perhaps they don’t mind a call back to Marty McFly or James Bond. SCOTTeVEST Clothing sent us some items to look at. The secret behind their clothing is bridging the disconnect between technology and clothing, especially for men.

The Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for example features Personal Are Network (PAN) which is patented by SCOTTeVEST and an RFID-Blocking Wallet Pocket. PAN is a system of channels in the clothing that allows you to run headphones, charge cables and more to make for a clean, non-tangled web of inter-connectablity without all the hassle while still looking up to date on style.

But hey, what about that friend of yours who is always wearing a lab coat like Doc Brown? Yep they have something for him too. Now technology and traditional lab apparel have caught up to each other for the tech savvy lab technician. I use a lab coat for my day job on occasion so this would actually come in real handy. But what about the outdoor type of person? The sportsman or woman of the family who loves the outdoors but also doesn’t like to be too far away from their technology? Well there is a solution for that too.

The Sportsman Vest featuring the same PAN technology, RFID Blocking Pocket as the QUEST Vest also adds some outdoor specific special features. First, Stow-able visibility strips make it easy to spot your group members in the woods. A Hydration pocket is another must have when you are outdoors to ensure you don’t go thirsty. Besides who wants to lug around heavy items like water by hand when you can have them in your Vest.

The Sportsman Vest enables light and nimble travel through all terrains, with 24 pockets to hold every last bit of gear without slowing you down. Made to accompany outdoor enthusiasts who love to fish, hunt or trap, every design aspect of the Sportsman has been meticulously considered to create the ideal outdoorsman’s vest. Both front pockets also have hidden visibility strips in Hunter Orange that can be unrolled and securely snapped to the pockets, with a third visibility strip accessed from the zippered back pocket. The 100% ringspun cotton shell exterior fabric is coated with a Teflon® nano-treatment to repel water or dirt, and the quilted lining provides warmth for the long and cold days out in the forest, field or stream.

So now you ask, how do I get one? I know the perfect person for something like this! The good thing is people won’t assume you jumped ship. First you can head on over to or you can enter our giveaway below to win one of the 3 items we spoke about in this article. Both vests are XL but the lab coat is a Large. Remember the giveaway items might be for Men but SCOTTeVEST has items for women as well. No matter who in your family loves when style meets technology, they will love the options they have with these items.

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