Outlander: Into Freedom & Whisky with Toni Graphia on Twitter

Toni Graphia, who wrote episode 305, chatted on Twitter last night with fans, through the Outlander Writers account. Some interesting info about the episode:

Ye can never have too much freedom, or whisky… here we go!

Q What was the purpose of the surgery scene?
A To show Claire as a rockstar surgeon.

Q Was Claire actually transported back in time via the puddle or did she go thru via the Stones but you just didn’t show that?
A Aye. She went through the stones. The puddle was just used as a metaphor to convey her journey.

Q The puddle was a perfect segue. Much like Claire offering her hand to Frank and Jamie clasping it in S2E1.
A Yes, that’s exactly how we meant it.

Q What made you bring the prologue puddle into the show for the transition? That was perfection.
A I loved Diana’s beautiful prologue and wanted to use it somewhere. This was a perfect fit.

Q What’s really in those glasses of whisky? Just curious.
A Why whisky of course!

Q Was there a lot of debate about making the dress vs buying one with the zipper as per the book?
A No debate. Terry came up with the bat dress and we loved the idea!

Q Just wondering how long that lobster roll was sitting on the counter. #foodsafety
A Their new Christmas tradition ended up with Roger at Urgent Care.

Q Did Frank and Rev. Wakefield die in the same year?
A Frank died 2 years earlier. 😥

Q I wanted to know if she lost the topaz in the necklace from Brianna … will we find that out?
A Yep. It’s gone. Her E-ticket to the past.

Q Did Bree know that her “amber” necklace would be “used” and gone when Claire went back?
A Yes. She knew Claire needed a gemstone to go through. And she wanted it to be her birthstone – even if Claire only had it for a while.

Q Many assumed that the episode would end with the bell chiming. What made you decide to go even further?
A That would be too much of a TV fakeout.

Q Love the transition between Boston & Scotland! Was that your vision all along, or were there many different scenarios in mind?
A We thought about the stones, but since we’d shown it more than once, this was more poetic.

Q Loved that you showed Claire’s concern over her looks before she goes! Very real!
A Yes, a vulnerable moment anyone can relate to.

Q It seemed that Roger preferred to remain in the States with Brianna. Is that how you intend to play it in Season 4?
A No. He has a job to get back to at Oxford.

Q Did Claire keep Frank’s ring on when she returned to Jamie?
A Yes. She keeps both rings always.

Q I wonder how many takes it took for Sam to fall like that lol but THANK YOU for 305, omg my fave episode yet!
A If you ask him, probably too many!

Q Did Caitriona know how to sew, or learn some basics?
A That woman can do anything!

Q Have you written any more scripts for Season 3?
A Yes. Co-wrote another with the incredibly talented Matt Roberts.

Q In your mind was the time Bree saw Sandy a coincidence or was Frank planning to meet her in that bookstore?
A In my mind, they accidentally ran into each other.

Q I loved the episode but why do you have Brianna at Harvard when women could only go to Radcliffe then?
A We researched this – Radcliffe woman often took classes on Harvard campus. And degrees had both Harvard & Radcliffe on them.

Q Was the scene with Claire & Joe discussing Lenny’s new name filmed? Any particular reason it wasn’t included?
A Unfortunately we had to trim that scene for length.

Q When Bree saw Roger watching Dark Shadows, she called it daytime TV. Wouldn’t she have said soap opera?
A Ha ha. You’re right. He wasn’t watching Jerry Springer! BTW, I mistakenly called it Doctor Who in the podcast.

Q Was there an idea to have Rik Rankin sing O Come All Ye Faithful for this past ep? Claire would’ve liked it.
A No. But I included it because I read it is a coded Jacobite anthem. (ed. note: for more information, click here)

Q I heard you say that you had to ship a Checker cab to S. Africa. So have all the Boston scenes been filmed in S. Africa?
A No, just the stepping out of the cab.

Q Why didn’t you have Claire saying something snippy back at Sandy like she usually would anyone else?
A Because there was truth in Sandy’s words and Claire knew it.

Q Why didn’t Bree & Roger make out under the Christmas tree? I was 20 in 1968 and I would have given Roger more than a lobster roll.
A He’s the son of a minister! You must proceed slowly!

Q Why is Claire watching Apollo 11 landing in December 1968 when that happened in July 1969? A historical license perhaps?
A This was Apollo 8. First moon orbit. Dec. 24, 1968. We used the real broadcast.

Q Whose idea was the Batman song? I think music was my absolute favorite thing of 305! Brilliant!
A It was Ron’s idea!

Q Loved the Dark Shadows moment. Was that particular bit of episode chosen for what it said or random snippet?
A We chose it on purpose. It actually aired on that date: Dec. 23, 1968, Episode 651, Thanks, Elicia, or Post Producer!

Q What happened to Roger after the memorial? Did he f*rt and embarrass Bree & Claire? Stay to help clean up?
A Ha ha! I think he was networking with the other professors.

Q I thought Claire coloring her gray hair was an interesting choice. Will she keep that up in the 18th century?
A There is no Lady Clairol in 1767!

Q I think I know the answer, but what was the motivation for the confrontation between Sandy & Claire?
A To have Claire face what their deal cost Frank.

Q Looking forward to reading Ep 305 script. Favorite line in this episode? (You can’t say “Jamie faints.”)
A “Fuck fate” – thanks Matt for that one!

Q You wrote both episodes where Claire says goodbye to her daughters. Did Faith come to your mind when you wrote 305?
A Honestly, it didn’t at the time. But I realized it later. A bit of serendipity.

Q Was the patient on the operating table someone from the OL crew or an extra/day player? Looked familiar!
A It was me after a long day in the writers’ room. Kidding!

Q “The work is the reward” is inspired by…?? A brave thing to add to this speech.
A Inspired by my feeling about writing for Outlander.

My review of episode 305

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