Outlander: Sam Heughan Twitter Chats for 400K Followers

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Sam Heughan thanked his Twitter followers for reaching the 400,000 mark today with a Q&A! Lots of fun questions – here’s the whole thing.

Q What movie or cartoon character frightened you as a child?
A Good question! Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and … Jaws!

Q What’s your best memory on set of Outlander?
A So many… 4 years now. Feel so lucky. Probably with the Highlanders. Or Cait on a mountain top…ask me when we finish!


Q Did I read somewhere that you were educated with the Steiner method as a child? I love and respect that philosophy so much! (Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Its pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils.)
A Yes I was. Very lucky.

Q Has Rollo reached full size yet? Can you tell the two dog actors who play him apart?
A Probably not full size. Yet. But huge. And gorgeous. Actually only one works. Other is the entourage.

Q Do you and Cait use stunt doubles?
A We have doubles for various reasons. They are all amazing. But generally try to do it all. Until production says no… then we do it anyway.

Q Diana Gabaldon hinted that the smithy Heughan in book 8 was based on your colorful language. How true is that?
A I’m afraid it’s true. God bless Gabs and her love of “language.”

Q How was the turtle soup scene shooting?
A Turtle soup tastes FOUL. The scene was fun.

Q Are you a fan of AMRAP? In the gym about to start M11! Pray for me!
A Enjoy! Almost there!

Q Who’s the better actor: Steven Cree’s wooden leg or Cesar Domboy’s wooden hand?
A This is a VERY good question. Which is stronger, French wood or Scottish?

Q If you could star in a Broadway play in New York, which would you choose? (and please make it happen!)
A Please! New writing or some Shakespeare in the Park!

Q Do you miss your son Romann Berruxx on set?
A It’s like missing an itch… ;p

Q Are you aware that your #asksam is happening at the same time as Diana’s #askdiana?
A Hi Diana! So… want to write me another series? In space? With wolves. Maybe some whisky?
A (Sam Sykes) There should also be a dog sidekick.

Q Do you have any new projects soon?
A Movie (The Spy Who Dumped Me) is out in the summer!

Q “Salt and sauce” on your fish supper?
A Hmmm only when in Edinburgh.

Q Do you believe that fate is written? That our actions are predetermined?
A No. Or was that already expected…?

Q What recording artists are you listening to right now?
A @slowdive is playing right now… starroving

Q Is MPC taking new members for 2018?
A Of course! Launches in the new year. Completely new look and program.

Q How has it been adapting Scotland to be North Carolina?
A It works. But I’m torn between the Blue Ridge and the Highlands.

Q Did you tend bar or barback or what in your former life? What were some of your other jobs?
A Bars… restaurants… delivering sandwiches by bicycle… women’s wear salesman.. internet guide… hospital secretary… the usual.

Q Did you have time for sightseeing when you’ve been in Berlin a few months ago? If so, what did you see?
A A little, but I’ve been many times, once for new year. So fun.

Q Are you a picky eater?
A No. I’ll try anything.

Q What color would you like to see the MPC wristbands and tee shirts?
A I know what they are already…

Q (from Steven Cree) If you could be any ride at a theme park, what would you be?
A Hmmm, not sure…you’d never be able to attend as you’re under the height restriction.

Q (from Leanne Aguilera) When I come to set, how many bottles of whisky should I bring this time? You, Caitriona and I polished off that first one quite quickly…
A I mean… I have 400,000 followers.. enough for a dram for every one? Or two? ;p

Q Who’s your favorite Thundercat? Mine’s Mumm-Ra.
A Ah dear boy… It was always Snarf… no. Lion-O. No Cheetara!


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