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Fallout Happens

After our first little taste of Fallout 76 at the end of May, I knew we were going to get something out of E3. Bethesda has always done a great job of announcing a game and making it available sometime within the next year. My gut was right and we’re looking at a release date of November 14, 2018! I was admittedly nervous when the rumors started flying about multiplayer. How dare they take an incredible single player game and ruin it with “mandatory multiplayer!” The actual announcement made me feel totally different. I’m confident Bethesda is going to make this work. Todd Howard, the main man, talked it up so much I’m looking forward to it now. Todd is a total badass, by the way. He delivered all of that news with such ease and poise, while again being able to poke fun at himself and Bethesda! So awesome.

Here’s the full trailer below:

It’s Official

This is the trailer that was released during the Microsoft conference. During the Bethesda conference, however, we got a lot more! They gave us a hint of what kind of game we were in store for. Incredibly Fallout 76 is set only 25 years after the bombs fell so everything is green and fresh looking! We have a ton of new creepy creatures and so much to see and explore. It looks like you’re going to have new challenges based off of the area of West Virginia that you go to. It seems like there will be a lot of dynamic worlds out there that will throw a lot at you.

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

multiplayer. As I said earlier, I was really nervous about this; it’s scary to go into a multiplayer world because you don’t know what’s going to happen. They even added an crazier element with the whole nuclear bomb thing. What in the world?! It seems like you’re going to have to work with other people in the world aside from your friends to unlock the nuclear weapon. So weird. I like the idea of being able to play with friends with only 15 or so other people in the world.

I’m hoping there will be the option to play solo on a server without having to deal anyone else though. Todd Howard did mention that there will be a single player option, but he didn’t really go more into detail about it. It really sucks playing with real people, because people are jerks, so I still think I’m hesitant about the whole thing. I am putting my full faith in Bethesda and definitely plan on being a part of the BETA (uh, you bet your ass I’m pre-ordering that Power Armor Edition).


Power Armor Edition


The Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform is such an interesting concept. According to the king, Todd Howard, you’re going to be able to take this anywhere with you. So essentially I can take my base and items from server to sever and not have to worry about people stealing my stuff? It seems like things will only happen to your base while you’re logged into that server. I really hope that is the case. I’m so tired of leaving your sanctuary while you’re at work or on vacation to come back to everything screwed up. It makes me so mad. Fingers crossed that isn’t a problem! Here is some more footage from the Bethesda Conference courtesy of IGN:

All in all I’m beyond excited to jump in and take in all of what 76 has to offer. It looks like it is going to be the best Fallout game made. I have to be honest Fallout 4 was fun but it didn’t hook me like 3 and New Vegas did. I’m hoping 76 will have that same breath of excitement I got from New Vegas and that the multiplayer doesn’t completely ruin the experience. I can’t believe it’s set for November 14. I promise you that I will be posting all about that BETA!

Check out the full Bethesda conference breakdown here!

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