The Last of Us Part Two| Yes, it is a Masterpiece *SPOILER FREE*

If I Ever Were to Lose You

Three weeks ago one of the most divisive video games released. The Last of Us Part 1 was a universally adored game and everyone can agree that the journey of Joel and Ellie was heartbreaking and incredible. Unfortunately, The Last of Us Part Two was not as well received. We will get into why in my spoiler review, for now I want to keep this spoiler free. Overall, without giving too much away, the story was absolutely masterful. Naughty Dog made risky choices and risky choices paid off.

The game play was fun and the devs included a few new controls and options that added an extra level to the game that was not present in the first one. The stealth was more risky with certain enemies and was especially difficult to maintain with the newest form of infected. It did get a bit lengthy though. I feel like certain sections could have been skipped completely and made the game more concise and flowing. Some of the parts were absolutely necessary, but getting to the cut scenes in others felt like a chore. Cutting about five hours out would have made this game that much better.

The Last of Us


Quick Verdict

The acting was out of this world and the performances made you feel so much emotion. I do not understand why people are sending death threats to poor Laura Bailey for the character she plays! (Do not look it up, there are spoilers in there.) The fact that this game is so controversial is just mind-boggling to me. I wish people would let people enjoy things and not lose their minds when someone actually likes a game! Also, can I just say that scenery was stunning! When you reach Seattle they really make it feel like you’re there and it felt picture perfect. I recognized so many places and the nod to Emerald City Comic Con filled my heart with joy!

The choices made and the gameplay presented made this game a true masterpiece. The story was full of “WHAT NO,” breath holding, panic, and crying. Lots of crying. Regardless of all of the negative reviews, I truly believe this game needs to be experienced firsthand. Please, do not just judge this game based off of any one person’s opinion other than your own! Go play it, go experience it! Then when you do come back and read my spoiler filled thoughts on all of it and tell me what you feel!

This game is truly a 10/10!

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