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What I Did on My Summer Vacation (Outlander Version)

September 15

Dear Diary,

I’ve had a WONDERFUL summer so far, and I wanted to be sure to get it all on paper (well, in Word at least) so I don’t forget a minute!

The Outlander Retreat in Seattle was fabulous… so many great friends! And meeting Diana – I can’t even describe how exciting that was! And MOBY… that thing that happened to Jamie! And Claire, she was so happy… and so sad. And Roger – I can’t believe he said that to Bree, but that’s Roger for you. And how could she end it that way? Now we have to wait another four years to find out why Jem did that. And will Ian recover? How can I last that long!

5-2-14 Frank and Claire

Peer pressure aside, I’ve retained my individuality and didn’t make the summer ALL about OutlanderFalling Skies was AMAZING. I’m so sad that it’s over… how will I get my Colin Cunningham fix now? *

Looking back on it, I should probably apologize to my family for how I treated them before Outlander started – I’m sure I wasn’t pleasant to live with, spending every minute combing Facebook and Twitter for any picture I could find, any hint of something new, watching the 6th generation trailer over and over again…. but who am I kidding? I was doing that six months ago. Maybe I should apologize.

I feel like some kind of madness had descended… Facebook had been reduced to the posting equivalent of keeping your fingers crossed, tweets were nothing more than “OMG I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait” (OK, that was me). I think I need to apologize to Robert here at the site, too, for mentally flipping him off when he begged me to write about something other than Outlander – but HEY! there wasn’t anything but Outlander, especially that last week before….

THE FIRST EPISODE!!!!! I couldn’t eat (anything except chocolate), I couldn’t drink (and I know we were supposed to really, you know, DRINK), and I kept running to the bathroom! I had been wearing my MOBY book tour t-shirt** for a week straight, sure that if I changed shirts that my cable wouldn’t work on Saturday night. I probably wasn’t very nice to the intervention counselor that hubby brought in – physical violence is never right, but I think my “Tulach Ard!!!!” as I chased him out of the house would have made Jamie proud.

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I have to be honest, Dear Diary, I am feeling better. But I can’t be ashamed of my behavior, it just wasn’t my fault. I won’t blame Ron Moore, I won’t blame Sam Heughan — but I won’t blame myself either. There may be some things I wish I had done differently, like how I barely helped with setting up Andy’s dorm room – but I had a good excuse! There was free wifi in the lobby!!! And STARZ on demand – Thursday’s a long way from Saturday, I needed my fix!

But we’re six episodes in now… I’m slowly learning to moderate my behavior. I’ve returned to work – I haven’t told anyone where I’ve been for the last six or seven weeks, and I think I’ll keep letting them think I had some kind of breakdown, because I know they wouldn’t understand if I said I had been to Lallybroch and the Castle. Hubby’s stopped tiptoeing around, and I may let him have one of the TVs this weekend to watch football. But he knows I probably won’t ever forgive him for falling asleep in the middle of Episode 3 – how could he do that to me? He just doesn’t understand how important this is. If the marriage is to survive, he better find me a great pair of dragonfly earrings for Christmas. Still, every time  I hear that theme music, I start to shake, I start speaking in (Gaelic) tongues, and I get frantic if I can’t find the TV remote.

And so, Dear Diary, I’ll sign off for tonight… I’ve only seen this episode seven times, and I can’t miss the first few minutes. But it really was a terrific summer.

Love,    Erin


* Colin Cunningham, John Pope on Falling Skies – yes, Sam is cute, but my heart had already been promised…

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* MOBY tour shirts are still available! Seattle Fan Retreat shirts: teespring.com/OutlanderInSeattle, and Book Tour shirts, teespring.com/OutlandishMOBY

MOBY shirt

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