Outlander: Episode 2 Preview, Castle Leoch

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Now that we’ve all watched Episode 1 over and over, we’re on to Episode 2! “Sassenach” gained Starz’ its highest one-episode showing numbers – 3.7 million views, which includes 720,000 viewers for the inaugural telecast (although I suspect that number is actually much higher, with all the premiere parties going on!), and all of the views during the preview week. That number does not include everyone who saw it in advance at theatre showings (including the San Diego red carpet premiere, among others)! How many of you saw it more than once? Most of you, I’ll bet. Hey, Starz, what more do you want before you decide to give us a Season 2?

If you’d like all the details about Episode 1, Ron Moore has a great podcast that goes along with viewing the episode. You can download it here.



Episode 2, Castle Leoch, airs Saturday night. Claire begins to find her way around castle life, finds out that she has truly gone back to the past, meets Colum Mackenzie, and attends Hall, when Colum’s subjects come to air grievances and have disputes settled. Jamie is open with her about his status as a fugitive, and makes a bold offer to save a young girl from disgrace. Colum offers Claire a possibility of leaving the castle,

I know it’s difficult, but hold on! It’s only five days away. To tide you over, here’s some Jamie:



Erin Conrad