Outlander Merchandise Available: Is This What You Wanted?

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The Outlander merchandise store opened today! A limited selection of items is currently available, but I sure hope this will be expanded quickly. According to our merchandise poll, 20% of our voters wanted clothing items – a few t-shirts are available – and 20% wanted Outlander-themed jewelry, and there is none currently available.

The t-shirts ($24.99) that are on the new site are similar to the shirts that were given out at ComicCon – the fronts say “Outlander” and the choice of back include “Damsels Don’t Distress,” “The Kilt Drops,” and “Real Men Wear Kilts.” (Sizes are limited, only going up to XL.) There have been much more original and interesting t-shirts put out by various groups and individuals (ahem, including one saying “All My Friends are Outlandish” – I’ll take partial credit for that), and I hope that some more unique and exciting pieces of clothing begin to show up on the official site.




Other items available include shotglasses ($9.99 each) and ale glasses ($32.99, the description says “set of glasses,” but the number of glasses in a set isn’t indicated). Nearly 18% of our more than 2,000 responses indicated that they would like houseware-type items. (I share the results of our poll with Knockout Licensing, the company that is handling merchandise, and with the Sony merchandise director.)

spice kit








Two posters ($9.99 – the “two husbands” and Claire & Jamie at the fence), a canvas tote bag ($24.99, no dimensions or details given), a spice kit ($44.99, in a wooden block – very overpriced, I think) and a pocket Jamie ($9.99) round out the initial offerings.


What do you think? Are you excited about these initial items? Is there something here you plan to spend your money on? Please comment below on the merchandise, your reaction to it, or what you’re hoping to see, and take our quick poll!

Erin Conrad