Doctor Who: Preview. Hell Bent, and Heaven Sent Extras

Trying to get my Heaven Sent review out yesterday, I neglected to address the Doctor’s Confession Dial, which Mayor Me had taken from him in Face The Raven. She didn’t know really what it was, or how it worked, but she knew that the people who wanted the Doctor would understand. And boy, did they, taking his own nightmares, secrets and fears and turning them against him, with the never-ending, endlessly repeating days and the creature continuously menacing him. Here’s a short clip about The Veil and the Doctor’s fears from his Confession Dial:

And as the Time Lords attempt (because we know the Doctor is smarter than all of them) to exact their revenge on him for what they believe he did to them so long ago, it’s very exciting to see the glory of Gallifrey and the amazingly over-done collars return! How will the Doctor survive a firing squad? Who will come to his aid? A very short Steven Moffat Hell Bent intro:

And a slightly longer, tantalizing Peter Capaldi intro:

I’m very intrigued by this gallery of photos from Hell Bent, especially the shots of the restrained monsters. I thought Heaven Sent was a brilliant Capaldi tour de force, wrapping up a generally excellent season, and Hell Bent looks like a worthy companion. And then all we have left to us for months is the Christmas special!

My Review of Heaven Sent

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