Tomorrow in Class – A “Nightvisiting” Promo

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Missed out on the assignment for tomorrow’s Class? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Review the trailer for Class 1×03 – Nightvisiting now! If anything can be derived from that daunting title, things probably aren’t looking too bright for our classmates over at Coal Hill Academy. From my own experience in the Doctor Who universe, if someone/something wants to come visit you in the night, chances are good that night will turn to rubbish fairly quickly.

Aliens in London, that seems to be a fairly common trend for the Who-Universe, so what is it that has our friends at Cole Hill Academy battling for their lives this time? Shape shifting aliens that have the ability to disguise themselves as a lost loved one. Aliens who need to gain your trust by imitating loved ones from your past, there’s probably nothing too sinister going on here…

Will Tanya be able to differentiate between the alien and her dad? Will Ram run away with the alien, believing it to be his recently murdered girlfriend? Can the rest of the crew at Cole Hill Academy keep the school safe? Only time will tell, don’t miss out on this week’s homework for Class, tune in and tweet along!


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