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Class: The Lost Promo

By: Michelle Harvey
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The Class-mates and Quill are not prepared for all out war, but the Shadowkin have other plans. Still reeling from their powerful detention, the kids are still torn, hurt, and feeling alone. Quill is in “hibernation” but also has her own set of issues to face. Can the wounds be healed or the anger set aside in order to save themselves from the Shadowkin? Corakinus is back with a vengeance after April banished him to a solitary prison, he will stop at nothing until he gets exactly what he demands. With the pain still raging, can our gang pull themselves together enough to protect each other and all who they love?

Corakinus has managed to escape solitary confinement and is once again the King of all the Shadowkin. Angrier than ever he is ready to wage an all out ruthless war against the Class-mates, their loved ones, and the entire Earth. Corakinus has decided to take April’s heart for his own, once and for all. He also knows that Charlie has been lying about the Cabinet of Souls and will not stop until that weapon is in his hands. The most effective way to get what he desires, is to attack the Class-mates directly and get them where it really hurts. How many loved ones will perish before the gang can end Corakinus for good? “The Lost” is the season finale for Class and is not an episode you’ll want to miss out on.

Be sure to catch me after the Class Series Finale, so we can review this week’s assignment and tweet along during the episode with #ClassDW !

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