Class: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did Promo

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Quill was definitely up to something while the Class-mates were detained and the group dynamic is about to change entirely. In what seems to only have been a 45 minute span, Quill has somehow managed to remove the creature  keeping her bound to Charlie. “The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did” runs concurrently with “Detained” showing us how Quill spent her hour while the Class-mates were stuck in nothingness.

How will our Class-mates interact with each other after all those hard truths from “Detained”? Quite possibly, some of those friendships and relationships could be done with completely. What will happen with Quill and Charlie now that she is seemingly unbound from his grasp? And where on Earth did she get that gun?! With every relationship being so strained after that stressful detention, I’m not sure that our Class-mates will even be able to handle a shift this large in the group dynamic. Quill has been very angry with Charlie, especially after last week’s episode, will she still help protect the tear at Cole Hill Academy or will this be the beginning of a journey for her own personal vengeance?

Find out all this and more by joining me in Class next Saturday after Doctor Who to see exactly what Quill was up to, and what she had to go through, to gain back her freedom and her gun.

Be sure to catch me after Class, so we can review this week’s assignment and tweet along during the episode with #ClassDW !

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Michelle Harvey