Next Week in Class: “Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart” Promo

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Next week on Class, April suffers greater side effects from having to share her heart with Corakinus. As that connection grows stronger, she grows angrier and they both prepare to go to war. But can April do what it take to reclaim her heart before it’s too late? Our Class-mates might have bonded over the past few weeks as they have had their handful of terrible alien experiences, but that doesn’t mean that April will let them in on her own dilemma.

Plus, we don’t only have the Corakinus clan to worry about, that rift at Cole Hill Academy seems determined to give these kids an exciting term at school. Something sinister and alien is once again invading the streets of London and the crew will have to divide their attentions between that attack and April’s personal battle if they have any hopes of coming out of this in one piece.

Can the Class-mates at Cole Hill Academy save the world again? Did The Doctor leave them with too much on their plate? Will Quill come to terms with being the very last of her kind? Tell me what you think will happen in “Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart” this week.

Be sure to catch me after Class, so we can review this week’s assignment and tweet along during the episode with #ClassDW !

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