This Week in Class: Detained Promo

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The Class-mates have done it now, Miss Quill throws the entire group into detention, but this is a detention they might not survive. Because nothing really ever goes quite right for the kids at Cole Hill, somehow during this detention the entire classroom is thrown out beyond space and time where they’re just trapped in infinite blackness. With no way to communicate to home and what seems like no rescue in sight the kids start to look for a way out.

There is a mysterious asteroid in sight, which is probably their only hope for rescue, but in order to save themselves they have to confess their deepest and darkest secrets to each other. I imagine this would be hard for any group to do, but with hormones and emotions running high through teenagers, this task ends up particularity messy. Will their deepest thoughts end up fracturing the group and destroying friendships so much that they even care to be rescued at all anymore?

Of course, with any story in the Doctor Who universe, things are never that straight forward. After all the ugly truths have been revealed and the group is becoming unhinged, they realize that someone or something else is in there with them and that they aren’t truly alone. What is Miss Quill up to that she needed the kids tied-up for awhile, was she behind them getting stranded beyond time? What changes will have occurred at Cole Hill if/when our Class-mates make it back?

Be sure to catch me after Class, so we can review this week’s assignment and tweet along during the episode with #ClassDW !

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