The Mist: Meet Gus Bradley

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The Mist is getting closer every day, so it’s time to meet another member of the Bridgeville community. Gus Bradley is the manager of the Bridgeville Shopping Mall, though he might not take pride in his job he takes pride in his work. The shopping mall will be one of two main locations featured in The Mist, setting itself uniquely apart from the novella and previous adaptation.  When The Mist descends upon the mall, Gus steps up to be the leader, it is his mall after all and he knows the inner workings better than anyone. With leadership comes power and eventually it becomes apparent that being inside the mall might not be that safe. Gus takes his 15 minutes of fame, but when society is breaking down on the most basic level, will he be able to handle the pressure and stick to his original promise of keeping the group safe?

The Mist premieres on June 22nd at 10pm on Spike TV for 10 psychologically thrilling episodes. What will happen to humanity when the mist comes through? An all star cast & crew paired with this fantastic Stephen King novella, you can (and should) expect intense and extraordinary things from this series.

Want to join in on the conversation? Be sure to watch live each week and use the hashtag #TheMist on social media.

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Michelle Harvey