Countdown to The Orville: T-Minus 1 Day

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Alright crew, we’re now T-Minus 1 day away from The Orville’s fantastic adventure. Tonight we’re going to take a look at the rest of the crew as well as get a special behind the scenes sneak peak at what really makes The Orville special. But first! Make sure that you join me tomorrow night for the premiere of this fabulous new sci-fi adventure, and make sure that you share that enthusiasm on social media! I’ll always include links to find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and more often than not cast members get involved with the fan base! So follow along on Twitter, show your support by using the official Orville hashtags and start conversations with fellow Orville crew-mates!

Let’s take a look at the rest of The Orville crew. Every ships crew needs a good Navigator, especially when your mission is to explore unknown areas of the galaxy, and who better for that role than J. Lee as John LaMarr. Never fear though, as all good navigators should, LaMarr has got a great sense of humor to keep the crew in an upbeat mood. Of course, we also need someone at the Helm, and Scott Grimes is more than ready to take on that role as Helmsman, Gordon Mallory. Only time will tell if he’s actually good at this position, or if he’s only on board because his best friend is the Captain. Another crucial role for any ship, a First Officer of course! And just because we really want to make this fun, she happens to be the Captain’s ex wife…I can’t wait to see her in this role, because Adrianne Palicki is going to be amazing as First Officer Kelly Grayson. Can’t have a ship without a Captain, and this crew definitely has some family dysfunction happening already. In his first ever created live-action television series AND his first ever live-action starring television role, Seth MacFarlane is Captain Ed Mercer!

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Now I want to show you a special behind the scenes from The Orville’s official YouTube page. Sit down with show creator, Seth MacFarlane as he explains why The Orville is a special ship. Instead of relying solely on computer graphics, they actually were able to design this beautiful ship on a computer, print it out and have an actual model ship to film with. In an age where CGI is heavily relied upon where practical effects could have also been effective, I for one applaud the shows decision to integrate both. MacFarlane has said that this show is inspired in part by The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, which only used practical effects. I am excited to see that he’s doing that part of his vision for this new hit justice, by not only relying on CGI when so many sci-fi shows are going the computer only route.

The Orville Special Two Part Premiere begins on Sunday, September 10th on Fox!

Want to be part of the crew? Then join in on the conversation! Be sure to watch live each week and use the hashtag #TheOrville on social media.

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