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Look Ahead – Tokyo Ghoul Vol 14 & Tokyo Ghoul :re Vol 1

By: Robert Prentice
Tokyo Ghoul Viz Media

The original manga for Tokyo Ghoul comes to an end with the final release of volume 14 in english in August. For those who watched the anime ahead of the manga, it can be confusing. I am one of those who saw the anime first and then started to read the manga afterwards. Needless to say the anime skipped out on a ton of plot points that drew in most of the backstory in seasons 1 and 2 of the anime.

Season 2 (Root A) was an anime original season, separating itself from the manga and going a different route. However, the season ended with the final battle and Kaneki’s status, along with his friend Hide, unknown. This was similar to the final volume of the manga. For all the benefits of an anime, allowing you to see the beauty of the characters and environment animated, the manga certainly provided more anguish for Kaneki and the CCG team.

Arima’s battle with Kankei left Arima impressed on many levels with Kankei. However, we are left with Kankei appearing to be dead at his hands. In the battle with the one-eyed owl, Arima wins yet again as the owl retreats. Many were killed on both sides, but the bodies of several were never found including Amon,Hide and Kankei. At the end in a meeting with Arima, it is hinted that Kaneki is still alive when his file is pulled up with the words “erased” over it. However, Arima is asked what he will name ‘it’.

With that the original manga has concluded. Of course the story isn’t finished yet. I kept myself from reading ahead so as not to spoil too much of what is to come. Now in 1 week, volume 1 of Tokyo Ghoul :re is to be released in english. The cover photo looks very familiar doesn’t it? I guess there is no point beating around the bush, we know thats Kaneki. The question is how did he get there and what does it all mean? Will Hide and Amon show up too? Or were they now experiments for Aogiri?

The ending of the first volume of :re sets up a reunion of sorts much faster than I would have expected. However, the good news there is that we will not be spending too much time walking on egg shells around the obvious. That alone has me excited to see where :re goes. Plus did you hear that a 3rd anime season was announced? It will be covering the :re series starting in 2018! Check out the news here.



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