The Exorcist — One For Sorrow — Preview

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The Exorcist is all new tomorrow night with “One For Sorrow.” The Exorcist Chapter Two has been outstanding this season, if you haven’t caught up yet do it now and join us live tomorrow night for a new episode! A new addition is coming to Andy’s foster home, which not all the kids are on board with. Andy is also beginning to experience more strange happenings on the island and doesn’t know how to proceed. Father Bennett and Mouse work with what is left of Sister Dolores to discover just how deep the corruption in the Church runs. Evil is everywhere but a special kind of evil has made it’s home on the island. Who do you think will be affected?

Will Father Tomas and Marcus be able to identify the evil that claimed the island for it’s own? Will they be able to handle the evil in time, or will they be too late?

The Exorcist airs every Friday night at 9/8 c on Fox.

Join in on the conversation! Be sure to watch live each week and use the hashtag #TheExorcist on social media.

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Michelle Harvey