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Happy! is ALL NEW tomorrow night, with “What Smiles Are For.” As Sax continues to take names and kick butt, Happy becomes his *official* partner. It’s not long before Happy realizes that they are on different paths completely, and a tough decision has to be made. Sax just wants to get out of town while Happy is insistent on finding and saving his human friend Hailey. Below you’ll find some promotional images and a sneak peek at tomorrows all new episode. PLUS, a link for some brand new Happy! merchandise and excellent ratings information!

Sax crashes a high-stakes poker game to win guns and cash for an escape from New York as Happy tries to convince him he’s a father; ex-wife Amanda and ex-lover Merry team up to rescue Hailey. – SYFY

Promotional Images:

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Teaser Trailer:

We haven’t even hit episode 2 yet, but Happy! is already a fan favorite and SYFY is giving us fans what we want. Happy! is the network’s best series premiere since January of 2016! The pilot episode is also basic cable’s #1 new original scripted series in the 4th quarter for 2017 and earned over 212 million social impressions on Twitter! Congrats Happy! for one hell of a start! Syfy is also now offering Happy! merchandise, just in time for the holiday season! For those wondering, I’m in need of that Happy! coffee mug and Happy tote bag! 😉

CLICK HERE to see the exclusive Happy! merchandise and get your items before they’re gone!

Happy! airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on SyFy!

Join in on the conversation! Be sure to watch live each week and use the hashtag #SeeHappy on social media.

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