Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block – Insidious Onset Preview

Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block returns to Syfy this Wednesday, February 7th! So grab a chair and save yourself a place at the dinner table because Butcher’s Block is on my must watch list for TV for this week. Channel Zero does not always get the credit it deserves, because it is one of the most unique horror shows on television. Each of the anthologies has been based off of a Creepypasta story, online urban legend short stories, but each also comes with a terrifying new take on the material.

Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block is based off of the Creepypasta “Search and Recuse Woods” and will bring fans a gruesome delight. Butcher’s Block follows two sisters, new in town, who happen to stumble across a mysterious stairway where people often go missing. Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block not only explores real world issues such as grief, trauma, and mental illness – but will keep you on the edge of your seat with unsettling intensity and psychological twists.

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Press Release: 

Alice and her sister Zoe move to a new city and discover a mystery involving mysterious staircases.

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Teaser Trailer: 

Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block airs Wednesday at 10pm ET on Syfy

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