Colony Adds Guest Stars for Season 3

With the premiere of Colony’s season 3 starting in just a month, I – and the rest of you Collaborators and Resistance – are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for any news. We got some today!

Four of this season’s guest stars were announced today (although we already knew about some of them). They are:

Graham McTavish (“Preacher”) will play Andrew MacGregor, the leader of the most successful Resistance camp in what used to be the western United States. He’s held the camp together through a combination of discipline and charisma but is forced to adjust his plans once Will and Katie Bowman (Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies) arrive with vital information that could forever change the Resistance’s outlook. Graham is familiar to fans from Outlander, Preacher, and his role as dwarf Dwalin in The Hobbit series. He’s also one of my personal faves (both fave actor and fave person).

Peyton List (“Gotham”) will play Amy Leonard, a doctor and member of the San Fernando cell, who embarks on a dangerous journey with Eric Broussard (Tory Kittles) to deliver valuable secrets to Resistance fighters combating the Occupation.


Wayne Brady (“Sofia The First”) will play Everett Kynes, a highly successful tech entrepreneur who has risen in this new world to become the head of the rebuilt Seattle Colony.  Kynes’ technology was used – and misused – by the human collaborators before the Arrival, leaving him with a chip on his shoulder… and a unique relationship with the invaders. Kynes is both brilliant and has a messianic belief in his own vision for the future. Wayne was a standout on Whose Line Is It Anyway, with his unique song styles. I doubt he’ll be singing here, but one can hope.

Waleed Zuwaiter (“Altered Carbon”) will play Vincent, a moral man who finds himself caught in an impossible position while working for a powerful Resistance group. He will ultimately have to choose between supporting the Bowmans and holding on to old loyalties.

All three guest stars will be seen in the season’s first few episodes, so not long to wait! Here’s a fantastic trailer from IGN – get a glimpse of some of the new guest stars!



Check out Colony’s website for more insight into season 3, and lots of other goodies!

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