Outlander Gab: Take Me Out… and 4th Annual Gift Exchange Opens!

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Gotta Have the News

Our favorite cookbook will have a sequel! Theresa Carle-Sanders recently announced that she’s working on The Outlander Kitchen 2! No date has been set yet for release.

The Drums of Autumn TV tie-in edition (with the recently released key art) will come out in October. For both Outlander and Dragonfly, the smaller-size book was released, but only the larger mass-market edition was put out for Voyager. Personally, I prefer the smaller size, and keep hoping they’ll put out the TV tie-in for Voyager in that size.

How many of you have said, over the years, “He’s my Jamie”? Or “I want to find my Jamie”? I think that needs to be changed – find your Ron. Ron Moore took out a full page ad in the LA Times today to honor Terry.

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Get This!

Still thinking about ordering Outlander Trading Cards? We still have them in stock! While Cryptozoic initially said that they would come out in September, we’re hearing rumblings that it will be a little later. When we have more info, we’ll post it and email our customers. But you can order today to make sure you get what you’re looking for! Order here.

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Gift Exchange

For the fourth year, let’s play Santa to each other! My annual Gift Exchange opens today for registration. The procedure will be the same as it’s been the past couple of years (but welcome if you haven’t participated before). The GE is open to 150 people. Here are all the details – make sure you’re on Santa’s NICE list by following them!

  • To register, go to my older Outlander PAGE, Outlander Three If By Space (the page is closed for anything other than the GE – if you want to chat, please join our group, link below). Here’s the link to the GE page.
  • Once there, send a message to the page – not to me personally, because there are a couple of us working on this, and we all need to have access to your registration. PLEASE, don’t PM me personally, send a message to the main three if by space page, email me, send me a tweet or a DM – ONLY message that page. All info will go through these messages. And yes, you do have to be on Facebook to participate – sorry! Your message should include ALL of the following info: Name; Facebook name if different; email address; mailing address; if you’re willing to mail your gift to another country; a couple of Outlander FB groups you belong to; favorite character and book (or season if you haven’t read the books); any gifting no-nos, like food allergies or things you detest. Registration will close OCTOBER 12 OR WHEN WE HAVE 150 PARTICIPANTS.

  • We will match you up with another participant (being careful about the wishes to mail or not to other countries). Sometime during the week of October 22, you’ll get a message from the page with the info about the person you will send to. Please give us a quick reply just to let us know that you’ve seen this.
  • Suggested gift limit is $25. Gifts should be Outlander related, home made, store bought, from Etsy…. The only thing I suggest you NOT get as a gift, unless you personally know your recipient, is fitted clothing (like t-shirts). There are some albums on the above-mentioned page with photos of past gifts – look through them for inspiration!
  • Gifts should be mailed by Thanksgiving (Nov. 22), unless you’re mailing internationally – then please get your gift out ASAP. I understand that emergencies come up – if you aren’t able to mail a gift because of an emergency, please let me know as soon as you can (and if you’re willing to be an “angel” and send out an extra gift for someone who drops out – and it does happen – just tell me, and I’ll love you forever). This is NOT a Secret Santa – feel free to give your name to your recipient.
  • Once you receive your gift – and for the mental health of the person who sent it to you, don’t put it under your tree and wait until Christmas – people get nervous that their gift didn’t arrive – drop a PM or an email or an actual thank you note to your sender!

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