Snowpiercer: TBS Gives Hints for New Show at SDCC

While scientists say the planet’s climate is going in the other direction, TBS’s upcoming new series Snowpiercer will take us to a frozen world, where the remains of humanity ride endlessly aboard a huge train. SDCC attendees got an exciting look at this new series, based on the 2013 film and the earlier French graphic novels of the same name.

Starring Jennifer Connelly (Once Upon a Time in America and A Beautiful Mind) and Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, Snowpiercer will debut sometime next spring (date not yet released). The show was given a green light for a second season before the first season had completed filming.

Watch us next week for highlights from the attendee panel and the press conference – but for now, 1) find the film and watch; and 2) check out the just-released trailer for the new show!


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