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Outlander Gab – Building Print Shop Anticipation! Vol. 10, Oct. 13, 2017

Gotta Get the News

EW.com has a first look at the Print Shop scene, and a new photo!

Bear McCreary’s new blog entry talks about the music in Season 3 so far.

EOnline! gives you tips to prepare for the Print Shop episode next week! My best tips – plenty of Kleenex, whisky (or the new Outlander wine), clear everyone else out of the house, and be prepared to watch a couple of times… just to be sure you get all the details.

The Twitter Tweets



Get This!


Want more info about these terrific wines? See the article I posted on Monday for details! All 6 wines are still available from Lot18.com.

Looking for some beautiful hand-made items? Katie Giroux has the prettiest car decal I’ve seen! This lacy dragonfly decal sells for only $7, including shipping. She can add a word at the bottom, such as Sassenach. Find this and other items – hand-made paper flowers, light-up shadow boxes, and more, on Facebook at Kate’s Klassy Kreations!

Around TIBS

If you like your TV weird, you’ll probably enjoy Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective Agency, on BBC America. Season 2  of this friendly, goofy, sometimes violent, but always well-written show starts on Saturday! It stars Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), and lots of strange characters. Here’s one of the interviews TIBS did with the cast at San Diego ComicCon. Season 1 episodes are available at bbcamerica.com. Follow Alison Richards’ reviews each week!

Did you enjoy Season 1 of The Shannara Chronicles? Season 2 started this week – here’s J’Dean Meisner’s review of the premiere episode!

There’s More to Life

Besides being thrilled for Dirk Gently to return, another one of my faves, Madam Secretary, started Season 4 this past week. Sunday nights are getting really crowded. Berlin Station starts season 2 – when? of course, SUNDAY NIGHT! Berlin Station airs on Epix, which isn’t covered by all cable providers (but it will also run on Spike on my provider, DirecTV, so I’m happy).

I found a secondhand  book that I must have missed in a series that I love – 1998’s Indigo Slam, by Robert Crais (and fun, it was a British edition). If you’re not familiar with Robert Crais, he writes about two LA private eyes, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike (and recently veers off into other, but related, characters). Crais’ fiction is gritty, but often humorous and frequently quite lyrical. I usually feel quite bereft when I finish one of his books. And I’m definitely more than a little in love with Elvis.

I went with another one of our TIBS writers, Alyson Bailey (Lucifer, The Gifted) to a glassblower today, and we had a lot of fun making glass pumpkins! See, we don’t just sit at our desks and type all day, although that’s what it’s felt like this week.

This Week’s Poll

Do you enjoy The Gab? What would you like to see added? What specifically do you like – or don’t like? I’d love to hear from you!

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