Outlander S6 – Describe Your Character! Premiere Chats, Part 3

While Samantha and Koko were chatting with cast members at the Outlander Season 6 London premiere, we asked them to describe their characters in three words. It was harder for some than for others – but everyone took the assignment seriously! Some of our participating stars are familiar, and you may have your own three words (not sure I want to hear them for some of these characters, lol), but for new ones, I hope this will help you get to know them a little bit.

Are you ready for Season 6? The first episode starts in just over 48 hours (if they continue with dropping it at midnight eastern time on Saturday)! Without trying to be spoilery – you’ll get an introduction to the Christies, and Tom Christie’s relationship to Jamie. The magic between Claire and Jamie is definitely not gone! New babies, new families, new rivals – and old feuds. Be prepared for a slightly longer episode than normal – an extra snack or dram might be in order! And look for my review Sunday night after the Starz airing.

One more thing – the Outlander Gab will return! Our weekly internet radio show will be back, to discuss recent fan get-togethers, interviews, Outlander news, and of course, our reactions to the start of Season 6. Be prepared to call in and tell us how you celebrated, and what your thoughts are! 9 pm Eastern, 8 Central, 6 Pacific on Blog Talk Radio! You can listen to all of our past episodes from the same link.


Missed Parts 1 and 2 of our London Premiere interviews? Catch them here:

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